17 February 2009

MARCH MEETING - Wednesday, March 11, 2009 - 10 a.m. - Oakland Family History Center Library


If you are researching your famiy tree but haven't shared it with your family in a way that sparks their interest, then you are only experiencing half of the joy of genealogy! If your descendants don't grasp the importance of their heritage, your hard work may tragically find its way to the city dump when you are gone. Don't just collect your family history and store it away in binders and files. Learn how creative displays and crafts can capture the imagination of your non-historian friends and relatives, while honoring your ancestors. These projects are guaranteed to inspire your family to ask you to tell them more about the family tree!

Lisa Louise Cooke is a member and on the board of San Ramon Genealogical Society. She is the producer of two international Internet "radio shows": THE GENEALOGY GEMS PODCAST and FAMILY HISTORY GENEALOGY MADE EASY, and is the author of 'GENEALOGY GEMS: ULTIMATE RESEARCH STRATEGIES'. She also writes articles, produces videos, and hosts the monthly FAMILY TREE MAGAZINE PODCAST, and is the host of FAMILY HISTORY EXPOS TV. She is an experienced genealogical speaker and recently presented at the 2008 Federaion of Genealogical Societies conference.

This promises to be a very exciting meeting. Handouts to help you create your own crafts will be available.

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