03 September 2017


Please note:  This meeting is being held on Tuesday - our speaker
is not available Wednesdays.

GERMAN RESEARCH - Speaker:  Robert Jackson

More than 20% of Americans claim primarily German descent and many more have at least one German ancestor.  So, where do we begin our quest for our German ancestors?  Until we know their specific village of origin, we cannot trace their roots.

In this, the first of two presentations, Mr. Jackson will discuss the challenging task of discovering the hometown of our German ancestors, even if they arrived 150 years ago and then did everything they could to conceal their origins from their descendants.

Robert Jackson is highly regarded as an experienced researcher of the "German Migration" from Germany from 1815 - 1914.  He holds a Ph.D. in history and taught for several years at the college level.

At our November meeting, Mr. Jackson will return to our podium to explore techniques for accessing and using original German documents to build our family tree.

Note:  The November meeting will also be held on a TUESDAY, the date is November 14th.

Meetings begin at 10 a.m. at the Oakland Family History Library
4766 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland, CA.


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